Hey there! I'm Killarney Star, piano singer-songwriter with an important message of love and light. I get paid to exist, and I'm starting a movement for others to do so. Because I've spent over 100,000 hours honing my craft, and you know what? I'm pretty good. There's no reason I should struggle to pay my bills.

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I'm so excited to welcome you to my Killarney Star Telegram Community! It's a secret group for my Starlings, centered around my music and travels. I'm aiming to build to it 1,000 members paying $1-$10 per month, so I can get paid to exist, living my purpose, inspiring you to live yours!

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I post several times a week, if not daily. Content includes:

Song performance videos of my originals plus unique covers


Behind-the-scenes studio outtakes and adventures

Live Q&A / discussion / hangout

 Songs & photos from my vault - first bands and piano compositions - back to 1987!!

 All about my rocky but triumphant history - see below

Exclusive first access to the songs on my upcoming albums

Behind the Music Videos telling the detailed stories behind my songs

PLUS feel free to share your creations to add to the discussion!

About Killarney Star

Transmuter of Pain Energy Into Light Energy

Not just another singer-songwriter... this is a MOVEMENT.

I'm an etherial pianist, soulful singer, single mom, and former RV nomad. In 2018 my family and I sold everything and lived on the road for a year, a year that absolutely changed my life. I came home to my life's purpose, which is to transmute pain energy into light energy through my songs and speaking. My songs may take you into the dark, in a lovely, emotion-swirled world just this side of madness, but we will always make it out by the end, feeling lighter and more connected.

  • My mission is to help people have fun and be one hundred percent themselves, while getting paid "just to exist." I believe that everyone can pay $1 a month to support their top ten favorite artists or creators, and that each creator can find their 1,000+ fans to support them monthly. And in light of the blatant breaches of privacy and free speech shown to us by big tech giants, I'm going to do it WITHOUT social media, for now. My ancestors fought and died in the American Revolution and World War II, and my father worked as a journalist for 40 years, to protect our Constitution and our First Amendment rights. No matter what my political stance may be, I will not support platforms trying to destroy this. Also, in rebellion against the censorship, unfair algorithms, and extremely low artist pay of Spotify, Apple, and Amazon, I will be making my songs available ONLY for my paid group from now on - ALL songs, as they're recorded and mastered in my home studio. We won't have to wait for some corporate middleman to release them. And the cool thing is, Telegram makes downloading and enjoying a playlist of music easy! This is my movement to help creators get paid to exist. Watch and follow my model, and do it yourself. I'll be your first supporter.
  • MUSIC BIO: Been writing and performing piano songs since age 3. Got the usual "you can't make a living doing music." Believed that for 30 years. And finally stepped into my own power in the past few years. I have two albums on worldwide streaming platforms. I've opened for four national acts. I headed a successful electronica band in SoCal in the early 2000s, packing big classic venues, when breaking that scene was left mostly to the likes of No Doubt and Green Day. Multi-Grammy-winner and piano titan Bruce Hornsby came to one of my shows and said I was a great songwriter. The producer of PM Dawn (90's piano-driven hiphop stars) found me on Instagram and asked me to collaborate. So yeah, I can play. And sing. And write. But it means nothing without YOU.
  • IF YOU LIKE: Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Imagen Heap, Maggie Rogers, Sara Bareillis, Sheryl Crow, Ben Folds, Sting, Bruce Hornsby, Lourde, Duo Lipa, country crossover, or classic folk artists like Joni Mitchell or Joan Baez, you'll love my songs. I pair ethereal rock piano and evocative, storytelling lyrics with cool beats and sounds. I'm what's known as a musician's musician - I hold a music degree, taught piano for 15 years, I can geek out with the best of you, and I put all kinds of easter eggs in my songs... but even if you're simply a music lover, you'll dig what I do.
  • Personal Stuff: Haunted by major childhood trauma. Divorced twice. Started waking up in 2012, leveled up to 5th Dimension in 2020 including transcendental (drug-free) experiences. Triumphant breakthroughs with an incredible story to share. Die-hard introvert who plays an extrovert on TV. Errant owner of a snarky t-shirt shop. Loves to travel. And perform.

"This song is immensely gorgeous. I think there are less than a dozen singers/musicians that connect to me on a spiritual level, and you are one of them. Listening to your singing and playing is intensely emotional for me" - Christopher McKraken, longtime Killarney Star Patron

"Wonderful musician with a heart of gold" - David Diehl, Killarney Star fan

"A talented artist and songwriter with big heart and beautiful voice" - Barby Cristal, longtime Killarney Star Patron

"an amazing voice and her piano playing is a delight. Her songwriting leaves me crying and smiling at the same time like she sees the same spirits i do only explains them better." -Jason Clifton, Killarney Star fan

"A fresh new and upcoming performer with a very unique and interesting adult contemporary style. It is obvious that she has an extensive education and background in music. Her music which can be found on line is quite a breath of fresh air. Especially for those seeking something different from all of the wannabee cool and talented copycats out there." - James Ross, Killarney Star fan

Well, that's about it. I'm not really gonna try and sell you on joining. If you wouldn't pay $1 a month to support each of your ten favorite creators, or to at least support the movement and see how it's done, no worries, I still love you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your support. I love you each and every one. This community is very special to me.